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We vigilantly try to keep an up-to-date inventory of our standard stock items. We also maintain a protective stock reserve on customer specialty items with a blanket or release order to allow flexibility and reliability in delivery scheduling. If an item not normally stock is required, we have the ability to deliver it on time.



Delivery times on stock items are same day if needed. Orders that exceed our inventory capacity and custom orders have a lead time of approximately 60 days from receipt of purchase order.

Our Mission

Yangtze’s mission to “Continuously provide our customers with excellence through integrity, consistency, and reliability,” has driven it to put in place critical core controls throughout the companies various departments and disciplines.


These controls are the backbone of a company whose mission is to provide a positive customer experience that will keep you coming back time and again.


After the completion of your visit to this site, we believe you will see that Yangtze offers the greatest depth of product and support that the industry has to offer.

Yangtze prides itself on providing unparalleled customer service. Our efficient administrative staff is an important part of our customer’s success. We handle all of the logistics and document processing for each order.


This enables our customers to focus their energies and put their money where it is most needed.


There are no letters of credit to process. There are no imports or shipping documents to handle.

Call us to fulfill all your railroad product needs.


At Yangtze Railroad Materials, we strive to put an effective control system in place in order to always provide you with the best products and services.

Rail tracks


Warehousing and Delivery


Our engineering department is committed to providing high-quality design and technical support to our customers. This is accomplished by applying proper engineering and quality standards throughout all engineering processes. When this is combined with the use of our CAD and FEA software, AutoCad®, and Solid Works® and COSMOS®, Yangtze can deliver the quality products and services it is known for.


We apply our capabilities and knowledge to a variety of processes including:



The concept of the Yangtze quality system is based on one key principle, which is the Top-down Principle. This means that every action we are doing must line up with our main ideas, the goals of our company. Therefore the whole system is structured in three main parts:

Quality & Testing

  • The goals: our main ideas about what we want to achieve with all actions and especially with this quality program

  • The specifications: goals must become a reality. The Specifications transform our goals into concrete and achievable quality data. They are the plan for our quality system

  • The procedures: the procedures show the way that the quality specifications can be


A critical aspect of our quality program is our testing facility located at our corporate offices in Rosedale, MD.    To ensure absolute adherence to manufacturing and material standards all our products are tested twice, before they reach our customers and before they leave the manufacturing facility in China, and once again when they arrive at Yangtze's office in Maryland.


No products are directly shipped to our customers. They must first pass the inspection at our Rosedale, MD testing facilities before they are shipped to their final destination.


Partial list of testing equipment:

  • 225,000lb computerized electro hydraulic universal testing machine

  • Rockwell tester

  • Multiple e-clip fatigue testing equipment

  • Digital e-clip toe load tester

  • Digital compression tester

  • Standard and metric go no-go nut and bolt gauge sets

  • Standards manufactured and tested to ASTM, ANSI, IFI, AREMA, and ASME

  • Application engineering

  • Design validation

  • Value engineering